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  • No child should go hungry. So join Denny’s in the movement to end childhood hunger here:
    1 hour ago
  • something eggciting this way comes. tomorrow.…
    4 hours ago
  • @thecultureofme you've always been something ;)
    5 hours ago
  • come in for some pie and coffee!
    5 hours ago
  • hashbrowns on fleek
    11 hours ago
  • .@michaelianblack a fluorescent buzz / the ovens wake up / the coffee beans ground and poured / quoth the diner, "breakfast forevermore".
  • .@michaelianblack a trickle of graveyard shifters / slowly through the doors / to join the road weary truckers / the college crowd & more
  • .@michaelianblack the city lay velvet blue / save for the mothlight glow / of a diner off I-235, west wichita / they called the light dennys
  • coffee-man, aka greg, takes a long look at everyone drinking coffee today. "everything the caffeine touches is my kingdom" he whispers.
  • thanks to @TheAVClub for bring this pancake flute to our attention:…