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  • oh don't mind us, we're just in the kitchen slammin oven doors and playin the trombone
    15 hours ago
  • look at this basic witch drinkin her pumpkin coffee
    20 hours ago
  • Yesterday
  • here's a spooptacular episode of our show, the grand slams! get spooped!…
  • 🎶 makin pumpkin pancakes take some pumpkin & i'll put it in a pancake pumpkin pancakes that's what its gonna make pumpkin pancakes 🎶
    2 days ago
  • who do we have to date around here to get a dang taylor swift song written about us? oh...right.
    3 days ago
  • if denny's were a class the only homework you'd have to do on sunday night would be attending a chicken fingers and milkshakes party
    4 days ago
  • no bad vibes at denny's please
    5 days ago
  • @SethGreen we encourage it
    6 days ago
  • shout out to all the pear, and pancake and chicken strip
    1 weeks ago
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